Welcome to the website of Nepal’s First NABL Accredited Private Calibration Laboratory Mechanical (Mass, Volume, Pressure) and Thermal Parameters

Calibration Instruments



Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal


Established in 2017 by Asst. Prof. Er.Pawan Kumar Karna (College of
Biomedical Engineering and Applied Science ,Kathmandu ,Nepal) to
provide engineering support and services of biomedical and lab equipment as
well as scientific equipment’s. Biomedical and Scientific Instrument assume
significant proportion in facilitating and promoting better health care
services in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pathological Labs, and conducting
research studies in biomedical and scientific fields . They provide more
reliable and valid information enabling the users to work more effectively
and efficiently. Biomedical and Scientific instrumentation market is
growing in Nepal due to rapid increase in number of Hospitals,
Polyclinics, Medical Colleges, Research Labs and Research Units. Biomedical
and Scientific equipment’s are however imported in Nepal. Nepal does not have
its own production in this field so far.
We are providing technical support for instrument operation, safety handling
,product inspection, quality test, providing servicing and maintenance support
i.e., (corrective ,preventive as well as emergency maintenance management of
Instruments) after sales services, technical report preparation , monitoring the
performance , quality of service, team work , dealing with vendors for timely
supply of spare parts for effective maintenance management, coordinate with
sales and service team to ensure proper customer service, Hospital Lab,
Scientific Lab design and setup ,Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services,
Hospital and lab Hepa Filter System Design ,Supply , Installation, Maintenance,
Validation ,Calibration etc